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Battery health monitor

Take the guessing game out of your battery with our Battery Health Monitor which shows you how much charge capacity (mAh) your battery really has and how much wear and tear it undergoes with each charge cycle.

Charge alarm for a healthier battery

Research shows that the higher you charge your phone, the more your battery wears down. Use our battery charge alarm to minimize battery wear and extend your battery lifespan.

Real-time charge & discharge info

Get real-time statistics on current charge performance and also battery consumption so you can see how much longer your battery can hold up for before needing to grab the charger.

Battery history

The longer you use AccuBattery, the more we learn and the better we get at analysing your battery’s performance. You get a historical overview of all your charge and discharging cycles.

Science made simple.

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AccuBattery is based on actual measurements of your device's performance and backed by scientific research on how to protect battery health and performance over time.

To find out more about the theory and how we apply it, check out our help center